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  • In recognition of his dedication to effective representation in the public sector and outstanding pro bono service, Mr. Heshmatpour was awarded UB Law’s Public Interest Apprentice Fellowship Award upon his graduation in 2014.
  • Mr. Heshmatpour represents clients on a private, appointed, and pro bono basis, including as an appointed panel attorney for the Maryland Public Defender’s Postconviction Division.
  • With professional experience at every procedural stage for criminal and related matters in Maryland State court system.
  • Represents clients incarcerated at all facilities in the State of Maryland, and practices in all jurisdictions within the State.
  • Through his zealous advocacy and extensive expertise, Mr. Heshmatpour has secured post-judgment relief for many inmates incarcerated in the Maryland correctional system, including reductions of sentence, overturned convictions and release from prison.
  • Prior to attending law school, Mr. Heshmatpour studied Classical music at Towson University, earning a Bachelor of Music Degree as a classical guitar performer and transcriptionst.

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